seeed’s commitment to the improvement of the environment forms a crucial part of our project methodology.

With Green Star Professionals on board, we actively pursue project procurement which incorporates not only environmental designs, but outcomes which are passively healthy to occupants. Even if you’re not planning to formally apply for Green Star certification for your project, you still benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the area and can be assured our recommendations and designs include aspects of the guidelines & criteria.

Principles of sustainable design (which are also often the most practical solution to a project) are embraced by:

  • Employing passive design solutions such as natural ventilation and diffused sunlight.
  • Carefully selecting materials which minimise emissions.
  • Ensuring occupants have exposure to the external environment, both through fresh air, day light and visual amenity.
  • Capturing what is meant by a sense of place, including the incorporation of public art spaces.
  • Providing safe spaces through CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).
  • Designing flexible spaces which are not constrained to one use, therefore increasing their overall usefulness.
  • Adapting design to allow for ever changing built environments.
  • Providing occupant operation manuals to allow occupants take control of their environment and possess ownership of their spaces.

We’re continuously active in industry groups such as the Australian Institute of Architects’ Sustainable Architects Forum.

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