Projects can be de-railed by all manner of reasons including disgruntled stakeholders, bad communication with suppliers, scope creep, program overruns, and the list goes on….

That’s why strong project governance is the final component of our project methodology.

With seeed as your project advocate, we’ll help protect your project from these situations by utilising our firm but flexible framework of governance systems.

These include:

  • Consistent and regular reporting back to you as the client, and to stakeholders. This builds confidence in the project and helps eliminate stakeholder disassociation which often happens when stakeholders feel uninformed about the progress of a project.
  • Clear prioritisation of critical tasks and the identification of dependencies when managing suppliers and lead times.
  • Strong control over risk, including developing escalation paths so any areas of concern are addressed early and tracked.
  • Scope management to ensure any changes to scope are made only by you (the client), where you are  fully informed in regards to possibly impacts upon the project.
  • Reconciliation of the built form with the construction documentation for total compliance.
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