This phase looks at how the asset will work in an operational setting by undertaking:

  • Stakeholder walkthroughs to understand how they’ll use and occupy the asset.
  • A human interaction review of circulation spaces, including foyers and lobbies (does the size and design permit efficient transitioning?), common spaces (are break out spaces and amenities such as tea rooms and toilets located appropriately?), and the physical location (does the asset design aid in the physical and mental wellbeing of occupants?).
  • A review of the pathways for the transition of goods such as moving office supplies in and out;  back of house operations.
  • A daily cycle review which examines normal operational demands and maintenance items such as safe and practical equipment access.
  • An asset/ world interface review of how the asset interacts with the outside world, including pedestrian access and infrastructure impact.
  • A material use review of the asset in terms of cost, durability and maintenance.


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