New projects are exciting. As soon as you get the ‘tick of approval’ to proceed there’s a strong temptation to jump in and start delivering. But good project managers know that a project’s planning phase is the most important phase of all. Get it right, and the project runs smoothly. Get it wrong, and costly mistakes can occur.

The first component of our project methodology are detailed Feasibility Plans. Feasibility Plans give you the opportunity to ‘test’ your project before you’ve even started. It’s a detailed analysis of the intended project outcome, and is an effective way to see how your project’s asset (the building) is going to be delivered and work in operation. It also allows you to understand the impact your project will have on stakeholders, as well as identify timely programming and resource allocation.

The main objectives of Feasibility Plans are to:

  1. Define the project’s objectives and measurables.
  2. Determine if the project is feasible in the first place.
  3. Discover and expose the risks associated with a project.

These plans can save you time, money and resources—and give you the confidence that your project will be a success.

Read more on the elements of our Feasibility Plans.



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