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Today we’re announcing our new Environmental Management System that gathers together a variety of corporate guidelines and policy with the aim of drastically reducing the impact Seeed has on the environment.

We’re in pursuit of AS/NZS ISO 14001, the standard for environmental performance in Australia.

The environment is of critical importance to us. As a firm that specializes in architecture and feasibility planning, we need to take this seriously and lead Australia forward.

Top To Bottom, We’re Green

Our Environmental Management System targets all aspects of our company. Everything from supply to waste disposal is affected. Purchasing plays a critical role in this process. The majority of resources consumed by our firm have to do with our direct inputs and outputs. On this note we’re changing our focus to purchase from green suppliers wherever necessary and will implement a shipping policy based on consolidation and bulk shipments.

Green Power website

green power website

On the other end is our outputs. We have strived to reduce and eliminate toxic emissions and are actively promoting recycling internally.

A major part of our plan is a switch to green power. Seeed is now 100% run by sustainable energy. By utilising the services provided by GreenPower we’ve flipped the proverbial switch to a system that no longer draws upon fossil fuels or other non-renewable resources.

Read our previous news on Greenpower here.

To learn more about GreenPower click this link

Even Our Website Is Green

Green Hosting

As announced on our blog, even our website is running green.

We changed over to a carbon neutral provider and reached full certification. You can view the certification here

For The Things We Cannot Eliminate…

One highlight of the plan is the inclusion of an accredited program that will offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our company’s activities. For the times when we cannot eliminate all of our impact we will offset the remainder through carbon trading.

We couldn’t be more proud of the direction we have taken our company. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

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