Client| Programmed + City of Casey


The newest sport to be added to the expanding the range of sporting facilities at Casey Fields is Rugby. With existing pre-set design elements continuality through the pavilions within the precent, the client requested a pavilion which was distinctive from the others, however retained the character of the precent through such design elements. In addition the project was constraint by tight time frames.

seeed’s Response

Seeed embraced the opportunity to integrate these pre-sets mixed with the symbolic nature of Rugby. The pre-set design elements were the fluid light curves of the veranda posts and roof forms, which though captured the swiftness of rugby, lacked the strength and frame of the athletes. In addressing these attributes, consideration was placed upon the times frames. The chosen material and form was the use of brick tiles on the face of pre-cast concrete panels; this approach allowed the use of brick aesthetic without the usual works program associated with brick construction (speedier lockup to allow interior works without possible delays from weather), and ability to ‘play’ with appearance. This resulted in the fluid light curves transposed upon the strength and frame of the bricks.

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