Client| Programmed + City of Casey


Increasing demand upon a simple pavilion; City of Casey flag the requirement for additional expansion; moving from a double change room  with a store, to compliant change rooms with umpires, accessible spectator toilet facilities and canteen.  The constraint upon the project was the the client had a ‘return on investment’; thus the project had a relative low budget for the scope.

seeed’s Response

Responding to a tight budget, seeed approached the project utilizing simplicity and driving a design solution through this simplicity.  With an large gum tree adjacent to the pavilion, seeed also acknowledged the need to enable an ease of maintenance.   The end design provided clean lines, subtle plays in the brick work and large covered area for game spectators, while designating the canteen area with roof levels.

Even though the project size was small, seeed approach it with the same methodology as it uses on even the largest projects.

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