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With an increasing demand by patrons; the Operators of the Casey ARC requested Council for possible expansion of the health club component of the leisure facility, with an upgrade of the facility. Early investigation identified existing under utilized space adjacent to the Health Club.  The project was being managed by the client in a Horse Shoe style (dual project Managers), one reporting to the Services Team (operators & Leisure) and the second reporting to the asset care takers (Building).

seeed’s Response

Dealing with a range of stakeholders seeed planned a service undertaking that would deal with the requirements of both client streams, and report accordingly.  This methodology involved presenting the proposed outcomes in a mix of traditional plans and the more effective 3D visualizations; these visualizations were kept clean and simple to provide the appropriate level of communication, the proposed operational and space utilization of the space; and being present at all stakeholder meetings to receive feedback from the “horses mouth” and to report directly to those involved.  Being beneficial to both PM streams by;

    • Provided information regarding the procurement of the works ad the management of OH&S during the construction period,
    • Clear understanding of the proposed operation capacity of the spaces, through identifying demolished elements,
    • Space & operational (sight lines) testing to determine most beneficial planning arrangement, and
    • Provided accurate leisure planning information regarding new equipment specification.
This delivery style proved to be  successful as at completion of the building works the leisure installation was undertaken “as planned” with the Operator seamlessly expanding their service provision; what they received was what they expected.  While the asset caretaker had the support of the operator during the construction period because of their understanding of the scope of works which were being undertaken.


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