Having purchased a property which had a high cross fall and existing concrete strip footings, the client had difficulty finding a suitable designer to undertake the design of their new family home.

Seeed was called upon to present possible solutions for the family in either a feasible design for the site or simply abandon the site and seek alternative property.

Seeed’s Response

Seeed quickly eliminated the option for the family to source an alternative site.

Pursuing a reactive design response to the site, Seeed commence it’s design investigation using the existing concrete strip footing and the framework which to drive the design.  Where others would have had the concrete strip footings “ripped” from the site, by retaining such asset Seeed was able to prevent the site from being scared a second time from the destructive nature of such works and reducing the carbon foot print by retaining the concrete and preventing the associated additional concrete in construction such footings.

In using the concrete strip footings the cost of the dwelling was reduced as concrete footings were no longer required to be installed as they were existing.

During the design investigation Seeed under covered that the original concrete footings were outside of the Rescode requirements and no Dispensation was in place for this.  To correct this Seeed undertook the application for the client and obtained such approvals for the siting of the proposed dwelling.

In addition to the existing concrete strip footings, Seeed was able to address the steep grade across the site through cleaver use of utilizing internal steps as zone creating design elements; by incorporating the steps with in the ‘transitional’ space highlighted their presence preventing potential trips.

In creating a second floor this provided spaces on the ground floor with high ceilings within those spaces that demand such design features.  Carrying the project through Design Development with the necessary approval in place, the client obtained the required information and tool to engage a builder to carry the project through to completion.


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