Recently purchasing a family holiday home, the client had a long term plan to use the property as a rentable holiday house. The client had approached a real estate agent for the prospect. The estate agent noted that in the existing condition the house it was unfeasible, in both the number of rooms and the poor condition it was in. With improvement works the property could be brought up to a standard which it could be placed on the market.

With a real estate agent on board, Seeed was requested to undertake a condition appraisal report of the property and provide feasible plans which would bring the property up to a required standard for the rental market.

Seeed’s Response

On commencement Seeed presented to the client two possible avenues by which to pursue:

  • Demolish and rebuild, and
  • Undertake make good works mixed with extension works.

The client indicated the second option of maintenance with new extension works was the preferred, with the first not being a favourable option.

From this direction, Seeed undertook the condition report which examined the following:

  • existing structural adequacy of the property including existing footings,
  • the level of deterioration of the external cladding material and required works with maintenance plan,
  • Condition of roofing material including guttering, and
  • external elements such as steps / pavement etc.

In conjunction with the condition appraisal report Seeed developed a sketch plan which considered elements from the condition appraisal combing the recommendations of the real estate agent and the future planning by the client. The sketch plan focus on developing the dwelling in to a ‘Seaside’ holiday house which integrated elements traditional of beach and holiday activities.

The condition appraisal and sketch plan were combined to produce a recommendation report for the client. The report provided the client with the necessary tools in a clear and understandable framework allowing the project to progress in a manner which suited the client and would deliver on the expectations on the client.


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